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Gift of Sight is affiliated to a number of events that it either hosts or is the charity recipient of. In all cases 100% of every dollar received through the donations and registration fees are used to purchase the consumables needed to provide sight restoring surgeries to patients in need. The cost of each surgery case’s consumables is $25 so for every $25 received Gift of Sight pledged to purchase and donate the supplies to needed for those living needlessly in darkness.

Snipe for Sight

Snipe For Sight, presented by 88 Tactical, is a one-of-a-kind event allowing its participant to test their skills on the next generation of weapons and optics alongside the best shooters in the world while helping to restore sight to patients living needlessly in darkness. Every $25 provides a sight-restoring surgery to patients.

Bike for Sight is an annual charity event that aims to raise money and awareness about cataracts, the leading cause of blindness worldwide, and the all-too-hard-to-get surgery in hard-pressed corners of the world. 100% of Bike for Sight event registrations will be used to fund sight-restoring surgeries on patients in countries such as Ethopia and Haiti.

Swim for Sight

Swim for Sight Upon meeting as fellow 2015 TOYA (Ten Outstanding Young Americans) recipients, U.S. Olympic Swimmer, Missy Franklin and Dr. Michael Feilmeier, sparked the creation of Swim For Sight as way in which Missy could help Dr. Feilmeier raise awareness and funding to help cure blindness.


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