Dr. Michael Feilmeier and his wife Jessica established the Gift of Sight Foundation with the singular goal of restoring sight to patients living needlessly in darkness. Presently, there are over 39 million people in the world who are blind and over 50% of them can be cured with a procedure that has a consumable cost of $25 and takes 5 minutes to perform. With vision restored these individuals can once again look into the eyes of a loved one, walk unassisted across a street, return to work and find their way back to being a part of a family and community that no longer sees them as a burden.

The Gift of Sight Foundation pledges to use 100% of every dollar donated to cure blindness and promises that for every $25 received a person will regain the gift of sight as all funds are directed to covering the cost of the consumables needed for each surgery. To make good on our pledge that all donations are used to fund surgeries, Dr. Feilmeier and any team members affiliated to a Gift of Sight outreach donate their time, pay for their own travel and cover any costs associated to food and accommodations.

To date, the efforts of Dr. Feilmeier and his wife has resulted in 3,000+ sight-restoring surgeries on patients living in Nepal, Ethiopia, Peru, Ghana, Somalia, Kenya, and Haiti and have facilitated screening for local members of the Native American Ponca Tribe. They have also raised over $500,000 in donated funds, equipment and consumables.